Arrow Season 4 on Blu-Ray Really Hits the Mark

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Anyone who knows me knows my love for Ollie Queen and Team Arrow!! I was hooked from the very first episode and have enjoyed every season since; each one being more enjoyable than the last. As we sit and wonder what season 5 will bring, we have a chance to relive every exciting moment from season 4 as it is now available on Blu-Ray.

Season 4 had it all. From controversial romance and action packed fights to the Dahrkest of villains.

I found this season to have a little lighter side than the previous years. Perhaps Oliver is a little more relaxed with the growing of his team or maybe it’s the influence from his budding romance with Felicity Smoak. While there are mixed emotions on this relationship, season 4 really gave us a look into their lives as a couple and how it impacts the whole team.

Once again we get a cross-over episode with the other sensational CW show, THE FLASH, as they introduced us to Vandal Savage and his lifelong obsession, Hawkman and Hawkgirl. And don’t fear, while Ollie has learned the importance of honesty; there are still some secrets that are kept from the ones he loves.

What does this DVD have to offer? Let’s take a closer look.

Deleted Scenes

I, personally, am not a huge fan of deleted scenes in general. If you’re a fan who loves to see what could have been, or perhaps find it helps to answer some nagging questions, then you will be excited. There are a number of deleted scenes to choose from and if you want to invest the time you could easily spend over an hour with added footage. Hey, BATMAN V SUPERMAN the extended edition only gave you an additional 30 minutes.

Behind the Scenes

I really enjoyed this feature. It gave us, the viewer, an insight into some of the newer characters introduced to us this season.

Vandal Savage: While originally introduced on THE FLASH, he has managed to make his way to Star City. This DVD offers the ability to learn about one of this seasons villains. It gives the audience an understanding of his origin and what he is doing here in Oliver’s City.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl: Again, originally introduced in THE FLASH, they were brought to Star City to find refuge with a plea from Barry for Oliver to help. If you are only a viewer of ARROW then these behind the scenes not only give us an origin for theses intriguing heros, but also gives you a look into what you may be missing by not tuning into other CW shows.

San Diego Comic Con 2015

We get to go to Comic Can and watch Team Arrow and the shows producers discuss this season. While you may have already watched the season and are privy to what they are discussing, it is so awesome to watch how they interact with one another off set. The chemistry extends beyond the screen and into reality.

Gag Reel

This one is my favorite parts of the Blu-Ray; not including the episodes of course. I enjoyed every mistake and the way we get to see our favorite actors be...well, human. I must confess; I watched these a few times!

At an SRP of $49.99 you can own Season four of ARROW on DVD. You could also upgrade to the Blu-ray for $54.97 which will include Digital HD so you can watch this heroic team anytime, anywhere.

The DVD is available for purchase August 30, 2016.

5.0 / 5.0