Nocking Point: ARROW Ep 509 "What We Leave Behind"

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This week, what we leave behind, is a 4 episode crossover. And now that Invasion! is behind us, we can return to our regularly scheduled romp through Star City with this season's nemesis: Prometheus.

While there were a few callbacks to the recent crossover, mostly for moments of levity, this episode begins marching us towards a dramatic mid-season finale that produces the biggest 'WTF' ending we've seen in a long time.
Nobody could've predicted (redacted)!
***Warning SPOILERS Ahead***
Because we are five years into the show it was only a matter of time before the flashbacks caught up to season one. It seems a bit confusing at first because we see Ollie wearing his S1 'Hood' costume talking with Diggle. For the untrained eye, it may take a moment to realize we're in flashback mode and it's not just another scene.
These flashbacks pull back the curtain to reveal the mystery behind Prometheus. It all leads back to the list that Oliver's father gave him. One of Ollie's early victims, Justin Clayborne, was getting rich off of families that needed a specific prescription drug. A drug that was designed to fight off a unique strain of TB. Meanwhile, low-income families were dying because they couldn't afford it.
Prometheus has been leaving clues, however, in hopes that Oliver figures out the truth. He doesn't intend on killing the Green Arrow. His goal is to make the Green Arrow wish he were dead. By making him realize all of the harm that he has done over the years by taking the law into his own hands.
Billy Malone, Felicity's boyfriend/detective, has been doing his own digging into who the 'throwing star killer' might be. His search finds him in the clutches of Prometheus himself, but he doesn't disappear until he texts Felicity a picture of a child. After some DNA analysis, combined with the picture, the team soon discovers that Prometheus is actually the son of Justin Clayborne!
Meanwhile we get story beats regarding Curtis' marriage. After being attacked and hospitalized, Paul begins to grow concerned about the future of their relationship. He knows something is going on and wants the truth. When Curtis finally reveals that he's working with the Green Arrow, Paul gets upset.
He loves Curtis and reluctantly accepts his work, but asks Curtis to choose. It's a nice reminder that people still don't trust the Green Arrow and even Curtis says that it's easier to understand once your a part of it.
Oliver goes to the building where he killed Clayborne and a bunch of other men to get to him. He finds Prometheus waiting for him on the rooftop. After a brief scuffle they find themselves separated several floors below. As Ollie cautiously walks around, Prometheus speaks to him in a taunting manner. Explaining why he's doing this. Some movement catches Oliver's eye and he quickly unleashes three arrows into the chest of Prometheus.
But he continues to taunt! Oliver realizes his terrible mistake and when he removes the mask, he discovers that Billy Malone was the one in the suit. His mouth taped shut. While he's upset by this, we see some real progression in his character. Season 1 Oliver would've lied about what happened. But here, he admits to his error and tells Felicity. He's broken and asks everyone to get as far away from him as possible.
After seeking solace in the arms of his journalist girlfriend, Oliver returns to his lair alone. Or so he thought...
Laurel Lance is back!
This episode had many exciting action sequences and a lot of jaw dropping moments. with relationships being torn apart, new alliances formed and Laurel returning from the grave, it was the perfect way to end the Fall season.
I can't wait to start the second half of Season 5!
5.0 / 5.0