Nocking Point: ARROW Ep 510 asks "Who Are You"?

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Welcome back arrow fans! The return to Star City was quite an emotional rollercoaster. With the return of Laurel Lance there were certainly a lot of questions crying out for answers. I felt that there was a lot of different storylines to keep track of this week.

Laurel’s return made me very excited; and her tale of resurrection was plausible as we are embraced in a universe with so much intricacy. Felicity looked on with reservation as Laurel convinced us of her return. It didn’t take long to learn her true identity and where she hails from. I’m not going to lie; this toyed with all my emotions as I felt an emptiness when she left the show. A doppleganger can’t replace the true Laurel Lance as she would never have the same history with those in our Arrowverse.

While I understand the direction that is being taken I am still hopeful for the Legends to deliver us back our Black Canary.

I am still in constant conflict with the District Attorney; Adrian Chase. Is he truly on the side of justice, or does he have a demon hiding within? When Oliver asks for his help with Diggle I feel there is something deeper we aren’t seeing. One moment he appears to be plotting something devious, but when he is sitting across from him in an interrogation room I believe he is truly out for justice. I look forward to watching his story unfold more as I continue to try and figure out his motives. I'm not completely convinced he has good intentions yet.

This episode also showed us another side to Mr. Terrific. Wanting to be a member of "team Arrow" to help keep his city safe, he struggles to find where he fits in. He is faced with his inability to keep up in the field and has lost so much in trying to do so. It takes Mad dog to show him that he should focus on what he can do, rather than what he can’t. With this new focus I am hopeful he finds his purpose within the team.

We are off to a good start for the second half of season five. There is so much potential and I look forward to watching these stories unfold. With Talia Al Ghul making an appearance in Oliver’s flash back, I am intrigued to find how she fits into this whole puzzle. But above all else, I am waiting with baited breath for the reveal of Prometheus!

4.5 / 5.0