Brian Pulido Returns to Crom Con Anniversary Show

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Crom Con Anniversary

Brian Pulido, the creator behind Lady Death and other iconic comic book properties, makes his return appearance to CROM CON this Saturday, April 24.

The appearance marks the one-year anniversary of the monthly online convention and, fittingly, the one year anniversary of Pulido's previous appearance with the event.

CROM CON -- the Comics Related Madness -- is a monthly online show founded by "Pops" Van Zant which runs for three days, live, on the event's Facebook and YouTube pages, and features a revolving door of independent comic book industry talent. 

The show kicks off Friday night, April 23rd at 8pm ET, with the pre-convention kickoff event, "SIMply, Shugah and Pops" starring Simon "SIM" Pothier and Chris "Shugah" Evans. The event itself then begins the following Saturday, April 24th, starting at noon ET, and continues past 9pm. Sunday -- typically the wind-down day for conventions -- continues with the same pace and the same schedule, beginning again at noon and hosting guests up until 9pm when the crew hosts a panel on "Music and Film in Indie Comics."

To participate in the online event, navigate to the ComicTalk channel on YouTube. Subscribers will receive notifications from the platform when the show is about to begin.

A full schedule of guest appearances follows below. (Click to expand to full size.)