Pandemic Thirst Quenches Your Covid-Horror Needs

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Pandemic Thirst

On April of 2022 the Indiegogo campaign of Pandemic Thirst closed to just over $2,000 in funding, with a release date of November or the same year. I took the gamble and backed this project, having been familiar the productions Sleazebox and GatorBlade Films in the past. I am not shy about the fact that I previously purchased films like Deathscort (parts 1 and 2) from them, as well as a host of other titles in their 10-year career, so I knew the level of production I was in for.

Now here it is, the first week of December, and at my door comes the Blu-ray of Pandemic Thirst, signed six times by actors and production crew, a button pin of the star Willow (Sushii Xyhyvette Holder), along with two paper inserts. Needless to say, I was shocked that the film was released on time, after so many projects that I have backed the past four years all have been months, if not years, late. This movie may be LOW budget fodder to some, but in the world of crowdfunding, he who is on time is king, and Pandemic Thirst takes the crown.

If you are expecting a high-budget, superbly acted tale to stand the test of time, then I highly encourage you to look elsewhere. But if you want to have a good old fashion gorefest stocked with vampires and breasts, well you won’t be disappointed at all.

The story revolves around Willow, a vampire trying to survive during the pandemic of 2020 by patrolling truck stops in search of lonely men to give a BJ (Bite Job) to. Eventually Willow meets Cynthia (Lixy Lestat) who is on the run herself. Willow bites and turns Cynthia, unaware that she has Covid. Willow’s health slowly deteriorates as its later discovered that Covid was a man-made virus intended to kill off all the vampires of the world. However, instead of killing Willow, the virus mutates her into a Super-Vampire that can feed off the living as well as undead bloodsuckers.

The story is so original, and Willow as a character was played so fantastically by Holder, that you almost forget how low the budget actually was (until Felissa Rose shows up in front of a hysterically obvious green screen). The story keeps you hooked from beginning to end, and I would love to see a remake done of this one day in the style of The Hunger (1983) or Innocent Blood (1992). Sadly, I believe the day of Corona-Exploitation has come to an end. As you can read in one of the first reviews I did on this site was Corona Zombies, this was a fleeting genre that needs to be thrown away with your disposable masks.

Packaging was top notch, extras were unexpected, and having the Blu-ray signed by almost the full cast was worth every penny of my crowdfunded cash. (And me being in the end credits was a cool part too!)

2.0 / 5.0