Creepsters: How Can Something This Cuddly Be So Deadly?

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Creepsters is the eighth and newest campaign from writer Nasser Rabadi to be added to his ever-growing library of horror-themed novels and comics. Arguably his best work to date, Nasser assembled a creepy team of designers, artists, and toy companies (yes, that’s right, an actual toy company) to produce his idea and make it a reality.

Synopsis: While digging for buried treasure on Perdida Cove Beach, 12-year-old Max discovers a mysterious creature he names Chomper, whose friendship will lead him into a world of danger, adventure, and heroism.

When Chomper's siblings wreak havoc in Max's seaside town, only Max and his new friend can save his sister Emma (and the town!) by combining forces to fight the sinister Creepsters that wash up on the beach after an alien object splashes down into the ocean offshore.

Creepsters is a loving tribute to 1980s high concept, low budget comedy horror. A fast-paced story filled with romance, gore, fantasy, and a touch of science fiction, this is a blood-soaked adventure which ultimately proves that family and friendship can overcome any obstacle.

Nasser has Filled this campaign with so many things to make it more than just a comic; you will be filled with nostalgia as it harkens back to the simpler times of our childhood, when we saw movies like Critters, Gremlins, and Ghoulies—films with that splash of adventure that made you want to run to your local Toys R Us and buy the action figures of the characters that you saw on screen.

Speaking of toys, Rabadi delivers them too! Chomper is the first of the Creepsters to get his very own plushie. Yes, you can read the adventures of Max and Chomper while he sits by your side protecting you from the other evil Creepsters lurking in the dark. Speaking of which, never be afraid of the dark again, because this campaign also has a Creepsters-branded XXL glow in the dark wristband included with the “One of Everything” tier, or available as an add-on (as is the plushie)!

Other things available in the campaign are a 16-page ashcan that tells the story of the Creepster named Fangs, Chomper stick-pins, two trading cards unlocked so far, and the next potential goal for the campaign: a piece of pirate treasure, just like Max digs up in the book!

With covers by John Dillard and Chris Madd, you can choose your preference for the PG-13 version or the bloody Rated R variant. Also, if you like a mystery, there is a third variant painted cover that has not been revealed at this time.

The plushie Chomper has already been in production throughout this past summer in order for Rabadi and the team to be able to ship the little buggers to you as soon as the campaign ends. You will have to wait until next year to get the book, but don’t worry: Chomper will keep you company until then.

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