CD Giveaway Contest: Liz Kennedy, "Speed Bump"

Liz Kennedy, "Speed Bump"

"I was reasonably accomplished in my other work, but for years, despite my love for music, I never thought I was good enough to write, sing or play it. I kept it inside for years,” says Liz Kennedy, a fourth generation Southern Californian. "I became someone who told people I was writing music but I would never share it. Which began to feel slightly weird. When I finally met my producer, Joel Jaffe, his encouragement allowed me to step inside the studio and record my songs so I wouldn't have to hold them in any longer. And that felt very freeing. Very good. And I improved over time, which led to more and more writing. Meeting and playing with incredibly talented musicians lead me even further along the path."


CD Giveaway Contest: Rebecca Moreland, "Far From Heaven"

Rebecca Moreland, "Far From Heaven"

"Breaking Free" is the second independent release from Rebecca Moreland's new EP, Far From Heaven. The San Antonio native co-wrote the new single with Scott Whitley and co-produced the song with producer and engineer Leland Elliott at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

"The song is very personal," Rebecca says. "I was reaching a crossroads where I had to choose between fully pursuing music and keeping my full time advertising job. I chose music. I wrote the majority of the song the day after I quit my job."


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