Nick Jonas is HOT at the New York State Fair

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As he walked on stage to music playing and thousands of screaming fans, Nick Jonas wasted no time with introductions. Leading off with the hit song, "Chains", he rocked the packed crowd in Syracuse, NY. Jonas planned to take over the New York State Fair and he did just that. It was hard to tell if there was a wicked drum beat, or if it was the collective heartbeats of his adoring fans.

Every year over a two week period, the New York State Fair, draws popular acts to perform at 'Chevy Court' at no cost to the fans. From Melissa Ethridge and The Steve Miller Band to hot new acts such as Jason Derulo and Meghan Trainor (who unfortunately had to cancel due to a hemmorage of her vocal chords). Paying the price of Fair admission gets you access to the 'free' concerts that take place behind the main gate. A full stage, a hundred or more rows of seating and plenty of lawn and picnic tables provide a place for visitors to gather and listen without additional cost. But last night, if you looked further out, you could see many more fans crowding the walkways, stairs, fences and platforms that make up the outer portion of the concourse. The entire place was packed.

On this night, performing in a leather jacket, the tempurature was around 90 degrees; Nick Jonas made it seem 'hotter'.

Eventually, he removed his jacket and everyone lost their minds. There was an avalanche of love bearing down on him. Exposing his muscular arms, he rolled up the sleeves of his black t-shirt. He knows what his audience wants and he doesn't disappoint. For the hour that he performed, he sang and moved around to all portions of the stage to offer everyone an equal share of time to look at him up close. He spoke to the crowd in order to interact with them, making the overall experience much more intimate.

Syracuse was the second stop on his Fall 2015 'Live in Concert' tour. While he mostly performed hits from his top selling, self-titled album, he inserted a nice medley that included other current pop hits. He even threw a bone to us adults by singing a few lines from Bel Biv DeVoe's song, "Poison". As a showman, Jonas did a good job playing up the crowd and performing just enough dance moves to raise the level of excitement.

In spite of the heat, you could tell he was enjoying himself. At one point, he was having so much fun he teased us all with the first move to the hit dance song "Watch Me", the crowd went wild and you could see his smile from the back row. While the Jonas brother is all grown up, as evidenced by his beer consumption on stage and minor profanity, he still played the crowd with a youthful vigor.

He was having serious fun.

Before wrapping up the show, he performed several songs from the new album he's currently working on. You can imagine the excitement when Jonas informed everyone that they were only the second audience to hear this new music. Setting up the songs, one which was titled "Don't Make Me Choose", he told the crowd that the new album would dig deep into his soul and confront things that he's struggled with. Things that 'make him uncomfortable'. He even added to the sweltering heat by informing the crowd that they just finished shooting a new and 'steamy' music video.

At the end of the show, he thanked everyone for coming to see him and told the crowd how much he appreciates their support. As he walked off the stage, to cheers, the band followed him off. But the crowd wouldn't let him off that easily. Regardless of how hot it was, the crowd refused to leave. Nothing would be better than to hear one more song. And they would not be denied...

"Jealous! Jealous! Jealous!"

After a few moments, the band came out and began playing once again. Nick Jonas walked back on stage and the screams reached a new high on the scale of decibels. Singing the hit song, 'Jealous', Jonas rocked the crowd one last time as the entire concourse sang and danced.

His next show is September 9th in New York, NY at Terminal 5 and Billboard has the entire list of tour stops so you don't miss out when he comes to a venue, near you.


4.5 / 5.0