INCREDIBLES 2 is Now the Highest Grossing Disney-Pixar Film

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Domestically, INCREDIBLES 2 now holds the crown as the highest grossing Disney-Pixar film, with FINDING DORY and TOY STORY 3 taking a step back on the list.

Disney broke the internet when they announced that director Brad Bird was coming back to tell another story involving the family of supers. INCREDIBLES 2 has now crossed the billion dollar mark after continuing to hold on to its theatrical run. Released back in June, it has earned nearly $1.05 Billion dollars worldwide; which surpasses FINDING DORY on the worldwide charts. Whether you're surprised by this or not, it's no small feat for a movie to make a billion dollars worldwide.

But for Disney-Pixar, it's still new territory as only 3 movies have reached the new gold standard. Fans of the original film, released in 2004, have been clamoring for a sequel for years and the payoff has been a huge hit. TOY STORY 3 still maintains the worldwide box office lead lead at $1.067 billion, albeit not by much. While within reach, its unlikely INCREDIBLES 2 can surge for an additional $13 million before reaching the end of its run.

Now let's pray we don't have to wait another 14 years for a third installment.

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