CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer is a Flashback to 2013's MAN OF STEEL

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The Captain Marvel Trailer makes me flashback to 2013's MAN OF STEEL, and it looks like the movie will be heavy on flashbacks as well.

Easily recognizable as a journey of self-discovery, against the backdrop of an alien invasion, CAPTAIN MARVEL will take the MCU in a new direction with a female protagonist leading the charge. Even the tagline is displayed in a clever way that asks several questions.

What makes her?

What makes a hero?

What makes HER a HERO?

These are all themes explored in MAN OF STEEL. A movie that was critically mocked by Marvel fans who pose as critics; all of whom are about to have short-term memory loss as they prepare their articles boasting about how awesome CAPTAIN MARVEL looks.

If you recall, MAN OF STEEL was full of flashbacks that explored Clark Kent's history. Only in this case it’s exploring Carol Danvers. Drumming up scenes from childhood to adulthood, the movie showed us what events in his life forged him into the man that would eventually save the Earth from invasion. Which is literally what they’re pitching to you for CAPTAIN MARVEL.

Does that devalue what CAPTAIN MARVEL is doing? Not at all. But it cannot be ignored that this appears to be a carbon copy of Zack Snyder's vision. Marvel is using WB’s template with a female protagonist and (most likely) inserting a truckload of jokes. While the trailer appears to be very deep and serious in tone, I suspect the movie will be another comedy with action sprinkled throughout.

All that being said, the trailer is enjoyable and full of action with a few, fun, special effects. Which prompts me to introduce to you a very simple rating system: The Critical Blast-o-Meter.

The CAPTAIN MARVEL trailer is…