Bellowings of "Bigotry" Begat by Big Brother Banishment Battle!

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Big Brother 21 Cast

BIG BROTHER 21 is only two episodes into its season, and already Twitter is aflame.

With a summer camp theme, the BB21 contestants voted amongst themselves for the role of Camp Director, a position of power similiar to -- but not the same as -- the coveted Head of Household. Jackson Michie was granted the power, and learned he was going to have to nominate four people right away for banishment.

Banishment, however, was not eviction, but rather the selection of four competitors for a mini-game, where the loser would be temporarily evicted from the House.

Michie chose Cliff, David, Kemi, and Jessica--and Twitter quickly pounced on a pattern:

Sent into pitch blackness, the four banished houseguests had to find their way back into "Camp BB" while avoiding traps that led to other camps, like "Camp BBall," "Camp Bee Bee," and "Camp Boo," each of which had their own obstacles to get past once you were in them.

Cliff was the first to return, followed by Kemi and Jessica, leaving David out in the cold--particularly stinging, no doubt, as Michie had told David he was considering selecting him for this competition. But David's not gone for good as yet, and will no doubt be competing in some fashion to earn his way back into the House, where he will almost certainly be gunning for Michie.

The Head of Household was the typical endurance competition that involved hanging onto swinging objects while being slopped down with slippery fluids. It all came down to Tommy and Christie, the two players who know each other from outside the House. Tommy dropped in order to let Christie have the first HOH, and we'll all come back this Sunday at 8pm ET to see who she nominates. Then, next Wednesday, host Julie Chen Moonves promises something that's never happened on the show before, stoking our curiosity. We'll see you all then.