Straight No Chaser, Kristen Bell Deliver Holiday Win with "Text Me Merry Christmas"

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I've been a fan of the a capella group Straight No Chaser for a few years now -- and if you've not heard of them before, immediately Google up "Straight No Chaser Indiana Twelve Days of Christmas." Don't make me break out the on you! I've only recently (as in, "Frozen" recently) learned about Kristen Bell's singing chops, and I'm equally enamored of her talents.

So bringing these two (or eleven, depending on how you want to count) together for a new Christmas song was both natural and genius. SNC retains their unique harmonics, and Bell's female tones are a welcome addition to the sound. Both also have a unique humor to their music, which makes "Text Me Merry Christmas" a funny, and perhaps personally painful, song for the modern celebration of the holiday.

A text version of the video for "Text Me Merry Christmas" was released a few weeks back, but now the animated version has been released. Taking a cue from the Rankin-Bass classic animations of the past just put the booster rockets on this song to send it to the top of my favorites list. You can watch the video for yourself below, and be sure to pick up the song for your player. I think it makes a great ringtone for this time of the year.

5.0 / 5.0