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Yeti Files Monsters on the Run Blizz Richards Critical Blast

Blizz Richards, the Yeti, is back for another adventure with his fellow cryptid friends. This time, it's to answer a lonely call for help from Vanessa -- Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster.

So Blizz, Gunthar the goblin, and Alexander the Elf head east to Scotland to see what can be done -- because when a cryptid becomes unhappy, there's an increased likelihood of being seen. Fortunately, Alexander knows exactly where to find more monsters like Vanessa. Unfortunately, they're all 65 million years in the past.

THE YETI FILES: MONSTERS ON THE RUN continues Kevin Sherry's comical picture book adventures of Blizz and his buddies. It's silly, it's simple -- and kids love it (although my seven-year-old is predisposed to anything Bigfoot related, so consider the source. If your children love series like BIG NATE or WIMPY KID, then THE YETI FILES are something you should hunt up.

4.0 / 5.0