Mars Attacks! Again!

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Mars Attacks 2 20181121

People can't get enough of MARS ATTACKS, as the big-brained aliens seem to re-attack us every couple of years now.

This viewpoint of the alien invasion is grounded by the story of a man and his elderly father. It's a contentious relationship, as the older man is a conservative retired U.S. Marine with a cantanerous attitude, while the younger one is more of a pacifist who has never lived up to his old man's expectations.

The two of them find themselves on the run for survival when the Martians attack the nursing home, leaving the entire landscape charred. Now with the son pushing the father in a wheelbarrow -- the only mode of transportation they could find -- the two encounter a militia group ready to take on the invaders. They're armed to the teeth with all kinds of guns, and one of them even has a bazooka.

From this ragtag group, they get all kinds of information about the invaders and where they've hit--except almost none of it seems trustworthy. It doesn't take long for the old man to figure out these whack-jobs are just waiting to get killed, and decides it's time to amscray.

Except...there's this dog...and to save the dog, the old guy takes a desperate shot, and by luck finds the way to kill a Martian. That's information the Martians definitely can't have getting out.

Kyle Starks and Chris Schweizer deliver all the bizarre and grotesque death at Martian death-rays and freeze-rays that form the backdrop of this story that, ultimately, promises to be about something more.

4.0 / 5.0