Geostorm a Solid Nail-Biting Action Thriller

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GEOSTORM is one of those films that released in theaters and then found its way onto Blu-ray quickly thereafter. Which is a shame, because despite that the trailers had it looking like another DAY AFTER TOMORROW or (shudder) ICETASTROPHE), GEOSTORM, helmed by veteran director and producer DEAN DEVLIN, has some really good special effects that deserved a big-screen viewing as well as some real nail-biting suspense that retains its tension throughout the film.

Jake Lawson (GERARD BUTLER) is a scientist who developed a satellite network that sends corrective pulses into the atmosphere where needed to stave off extreme events of climate change. Shortly after setting up the system, nicknamed DUTCH BOY, he was fired by his brother, Max (JIM STURGESS).

But now a malfunction in the network needs Jake to come back to the ISS and fix the problem. However, whenever any scientist -- in space or on Earth -- finds a piece of the puzzle, they're killed. That's because the malfunctions, which are causing localized events of catastrophically extreme weather, are not malfunctions at all. Someone has found a way to weaponize DUTCH BOY, and all signs seem to point to President of the United States, Andrew Palma (ANDY GARCIA). As Jake races the clock in space, assisted by ISS Commander Ute Fassbinder (ALEXANDRA MARIA LARA) and obstructed by saboteurs, his brother Max must work with Secret Service agent Sarah Wilson (ABBIE CORNISH) and techno-savvy Eni Adisa (ADEPERO ODUYE) to determine if they're all about to save the world -- or commit treason.

Combining political intrigue with deep space action in a future as close as today, GEOSTORM has all the makings of an exciting action thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and rising to cheer with each triumph.

4.0 / 5.0